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Who we are

The CLIC allows students and institutions to manage the entire college-connected experience from a single home page in our FREE interactive network. The CLIC Network is the next generation in online interaction: goal networking - linking students, families, high schools, colleges, community programs and scholarship organizations into a single, interactive online community. Using the power of social networks, mobile phones, blogs, videos, profile pages, microsites and more, The CLIC is reforming, repairing and revolutionizing the currently fractured college-bound process to help students prepare for, apply to, attend, pay for and graduate from their best-fit four-year colleges in the United States.

The CLIC is the single, centralized resource for everyone with a stake in the college experience, creating a modern tool to bring students together with the institutions who are seeking to serve, assist and admit them.

How we started

The CLIC evolved from First in the Family, a Los Angeles-based organization offering free mentoring through the college application process for students who would be the first members of their family to attend college. First in the Family was founded in 1997 by our CEO, DMA (Donna Michelle Anderson) and ran successfully for more than 8 years in the Los Angeles area, working with hundreds of students and changing college matriculation rates at some schools by double digits.

With only 19 out of 100 high school freshman projected to graduate from college in California alone, DMA saw the potential and the need to serve a broader audience by expanding the program online, creating an evolved social network around the college-bound process, and opening it up not only to first-generation students, but to every student who desires a four-year college education. The CLIC Team is comprised of graduates from the nation’s top universities with extensive backgrounds in public service, technology and education.

What we do

The CLIC Network’s objective is to provide every college-oriented student, family member, counselor, educator, admissions officer, community agency and scholarship organization with a single, centralized resource to reach their collegiate goals through the following core offerings:

  • Centralized Home Pages - Students and their families can access and manage all of their colleges, financial aid, community programs, deadlines and events and more from a single, personal home page, with constantly updated information. Colleges, high schools and community and scholarship programs also have home pages that present the critical information and updates students need in a fun, uniform interface. Home pages feature interactive elements such as streaming video, blogs, instant messaging and more!

  • CLIC Calendar - All home pages feature the first and only national calendar, customizable by each student, school, college and community and scholarship group that dynamically tracks key application and scholarship deadlines, test dates, college fairs and all other dates associated with the college experience.

  • CLIC Match - Students complete a profile and are dynamically matched to their best-fit colleges, scholarships and community programs through a patent-pending system powered by over 100 relational database tables that are constantly updated by The CLIC and the institutions themselves.

  • CLIC Splats - Students can “splat” (share) site resources instantly with their buddies, and institutions can splat outreach and update messages to targeted students. On The CLIC, it’s scholarships that are going viral!

  • CLIC LIFE - targeted portals, comprised of CLIC Campus and CLIC College-Bound, full of activities, videos, social networks, life advice and important information relevant to all college-bound seniors, incoming college freshmen and current undergrads.

Who we serve

By providing the same tools, guidance and interactive offerings to all students - for free - The CLIC Network simplifies the complicated experience and democratizes the competitive process of applying to, and getting accepted at, a four-year university.

By giving colleges direct access to the exact students they seek in one, centralized location, The CLIC Network lowers the rapidly rising per-student cost of recruitment, makes colleges more competitive for the top students, and ensures a better-served, more committed undergraduate population.

By linking scholarship groups, community programs and high schools directly to the students they are tasked to serve, 24/7, The CLIC Network streamlines a process that has become impossible to effectively navigate, with student-to-counselor ratios now at greater than 500:1 in U.S. high schools.

By developing proprietary systems, employing only the most cutting-edge Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies, and encouraging and enabling students to find and achieve acceptance from their best-fit universities, The CLIC Network is the premier destination site for information, communication and assistance for the college-bound crowd.

We are a new site, developing new features as fast as we can. If you have suggestions or comments, please click the “Contact” link on the bottom of any page.

How we do it

The CLIC does not charge the students or institutions we serve for the services available on our Web site.

We earn revenue from advertising, but not the pop-up ads and endless banners you’re used to avoiding. Our advertisers are committed brand partners who feature integrated tips and experiences that enhance and advance our students’ college-bound efforts and lifestyles.

Why we do it

Because we want getting into college to be as much fun as going.

Because we don’t think your ability to find and apply to well-matched schools should be dictated by how much time you have to hunt through thousands of Web sites or how much money you have to hire services to help you.

Because there are enough people out there telling you that you can’t do it, and we want to tell you that you can. Then we want to show you how. Then we want to give you all of the resources you need to do it. Then we want to expose you to all of the people who actively are looking for you instead of leaving you alone online to research, find and contact everyone who can help you in this process. And we want to do it all for free. So we are.

Because we want to eliminate the fear and ease the stress not only of applying to college, but also to choosing the right school, starting as a freshman, getting through all four years, and starting life as a successful college graduate.

Most of all, like our name says, because College Life is COOL!

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