Quick Start Tips

  1. On the home page, click the “I’m a CLIC Student” icon.
  2. COMPLETE A PROFILE. Complete all of the fields you possibly can to make the most matches.
  3. AUTO-MATCH. When you launch your home page, your widgets automatically fill with matches.
  4. JOIN YOUR SCHOOL. In the “My Schools” widget, click on “My High School” to request access to your high school;s CLIC page.
  5. INVITE BUDDIES. In the “My Buddies” widget, email your friends to join The CLIC, and you’ll be college-bound together.
  6. CALENDAR CHECK. “My Calendar” will let you know if any deadlines are about to come up. Add your own dates!
  7. EXPLORE. Click on all the scholarships, colleges and community groups on your home page to find out more about them.
  8. FIND MORE. Don’t stop there! Finishing building your home page by clicking the “Search” buttons up top to subscribe to even more resources—including any “dream” colleges you weren’t yet matched to.

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