Quick Start Tips

  1. On the home page, click the “I’m a CLIC School” icon.
  2. SUBMIT A HOME PAGE REQUEST.Send us your basic information – be sure to use an institutional email address so we can verify you.
  3. COMPLETE A PROFILE. When you launch your home page, “Edit” your Profile widget to review existing contact information and data and complete the rest of the profile fields.
  4. ADD PIC AND VIDEO. In the Profile widget, upload a picture of your guidance counselor (or whoever is administering your page), and add a URL for a school video if you have one online.
  5. POST CONTENT. Add a quick welcome blog post and any announcements for college-bound kids.
  6. CALENDAR UPDATE. Add any upcoming dates for college fairs, FAFSA nights and more.
  7. CONFIRM STUDENTS. Click on “Affiliate Requests” at the bottom of the page to grant access to students from your school.

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