CLIC College-Going Culture

College-Bound Activity One-Sheets

Use our speedy one-sheets to help promote a college-going culture in your school or organization!

CLIC College Collages (download)

At the end of this activity, student teams will have designed a series of college profile pages, celebrating four-year universities and what makes each special. Each team presents its collage to the rest of the students.

CLIC Mentor Memories (download)

At the end of this activity, students will be familiar with the unique offerings of a personal contact’s alma mater and will have tested their own tastes in evaluating another university.

CLIC Stickers and Flyerettes

Post these in your counseling office, pass them out at events, sticker up every student who joins The CLIC revolution!

I’m a CLIC Student (stickers) Student CLIC college planning stickers
CLIC Student (flyerettes)
CLIC Student (flyers)
Flyers to post and distribute to your students!

CLIC Introductory One-Sheets

Share these with family members, fellow staff, anyone who wants to know all we are doing here on The CLIC!

CLIC Overview (download)
CLIC One-Sheet Fun Sheet (download)

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